Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where have I been?

That is for sure.
With Thanksgiving and the holiday season rapidly approaching, I have been rather busy.
Catching up with friends/family.
It's that time of year again.
My favorite time of year.
Lights twinkling, Christmas music everywhere.
Enjoy it.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bonfire: The Newest Scent

3 days, 3 showers and my hair still smells like a bonfire.
I think the smell seeped into my hair cuticles.
Now don't get me wrong, it is one of my most favorite smells but every time I whip my hair back and forth, it's all I smell. 

Anywho..this past Saturday we went out to a friends house about 30 minutes from Nashville. 
We accidentally brought a few thunderstorms with us which are not quite ideal for bonfire's. 
Lucky for us, we also brought some of the beer so we had a quick bevy in the car (parked with no keys in it) while we waited for the storm to pass. 

 The storm passed and we had a great night. 
We learned to shoot guns; a hand gun and a shotgun. 
It was awesome. 
Don't worry, we didn't shoot any animals, just a few empty beer cans.

Oh and yes, that is a man jumping through the fire. Just happen to catch this moment while trying to photograph the bonfire. Boys...


Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Work Weeks: For some reason you have been flying by recently and I must say, it’s awesome. Please keep up the good work so it continues to feel like it’s always the weekend.

Dear CMA’s: Thanks for keeping me entertained last night. Blake and Miranda killed it, no surprise there, and all of the performances put a smile on my face. I’m sorry I didn’t get out of work earlier so I could have run my tush down to Bridgestone Arena and stalk some celebs but alas, I’m stuck in this thing called cube life. Also, probably saved myself from getting arrested for hurling my body at certain celebs.

I'm also pretty sure they had one or two or ten drinks. What's up party people?

Dear Hunter Hayes: Why are you so cute. You’re like a perfect little heart throb Barbie and your voice sounds like an angel. I am so happy you won the Best New Artist award.

Dear My Only Wish This Year Pandora Station: Yes I listened to you all the way to work today and yes it will continue for the next two months. Some people are not aware that November 1st is also a holiday, almost more important that October 31st, it’s the day I start listening to Christmas music. This morning a little Nick and Jessica duet came on and my heart sank a little…I’ll always have hope they can work it out.

Dear This Weeks Letters: Why are you all about music?

Well my friends, that is it for now. I must get back to work so I can hurry up and get my Friday on!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. Halloween Edition.

I had an epiphany last week.
I thought I was a genius and so unique.
I wanted to be the Ninja Turtles for Halloween.
Before you go and burst my bubble, don’t worry, its already been done. I’m well aware (now) that I missed the memo about everyone and their sister already having been the fearless foursome.
However, I didn’t let that stop me.
Last night my dream was fulfilled and I finally got to rock it as Donatello.

I’ve never been one to buy a Halloween costume, I think making the costume is half the fun!
Yes, we could have purchased a Ninja Turtles shirt at almost any store in North America but it was way more fun to put it together ourselves! 

At the last minute we decided to add the tutus but where does one buy a green tutu?
Oh that’s right, one doesn’t buy, one makes!
Off to Pinterest I went to figure out how to craft a green ballerina skirt. (Plus, I now had a reason to link-up with Katie and Steph) I followed these instructions (loosely) and I think they turned out pretty awesome.

Just working in the car...told you it was last minute

finished tutus!

Now I just have to find another reason to wear it.
Christmas is just around the corner, ugly sweater party anyone?


Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween in Memphis

This past weekend I went to Memphis to celebrate my friend, Mireilles birthday which just so happens to be on Halloween.
I have a theory that most things are more fun in groups, more people, more fun, right?
Halloween costumes are no exception to this rule, we decided to dress up like Holiday’s and I chose to be The 4th of July.
Sun, fun, summer, water, darties - - what’s not to love about the holiday?
I thought I had picked the best one until I started to figure out what exactly my costume would be.
It’s kind of hard to dress as a firework.
Of course it all worked out and I was actually very pleased with my costume. Nothing a quick trip to JoAnn’s can’t fix.
I wish I had more pictures to share with you but unfortunately most of them turned out like these:

 I know. Profesh Photog right here.

 We did go to a disco. Yup. Never been to one of those before. It was pretty much like the twilight zone, I’m still not 100% convinced that it was real. Any place that has a see through floor with neon lights under it, a ceiling full of balloons with the strings hanging in your face and stripper poles every two inches is a bit questionable in my book. With that said…I would go back tomorrow.

Crafting our long event. Thank you Adams Family marathon

Finished Product: Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas (x2) and Valentine's Day

Me and the Birthday Pumpkin

Ta-Da! The Finished Product.

 One costume down and another to create tonight….what shall we be this time?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: Thank you for finally showing your beautiful face today!! Even though we got off to a rough start this morning (forgot my tank was empty and had to make a pit stop for gas then forgot my cell phone at home and had to turn around) you seem to now be cooperating. Maybe it's that SKVL that we drank because we all know those make most things better.

Dear Memphis: I'm coming for you this weekend to celebrate a besites birthday. I'm not sure if you are ready for me and I'm not sure I'm ready for you. However, I am sure that my Halloween costume for Saturday night is coming together. Fireworks, is all I have to say.

Dear Fall: I know I thank you every day for being awesome, but seriously thank you for being awesome. Even when its 80 degrees out (cough, cough yesterday) the amazing colors of the foliage still make my heart happy.

Dear Little: I'm not sure my work day would go by half as fast if it weren't for you. Plus you deserve about 394843 virtual high fives. You know the reason.

Dear Halloween: You sneaky devil, you. How did you get here so fast and what did you do with the month of October?! I'm way behind in preparing for you, no jack-o-lanterns, no spiderwebs and no ghosts. But candy, I did buy candy. To prepare for the nonexistent tricker treaters who will roam the halls of our complex...or so I tell myself. 

Dear Katie and Steph: Thank you for the link-up! Also, thank you for being two of my favorite bloggers and providing me with daily laughs and entertainment.

Well, my friends, that's it for today!
Must get back to work so I can finish for the day and my botty to Memphis!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

When I saw this new link up by two of my most favorite bloggers, Katie and Steph, I thought to myself "I have to participate".
But then I realized something
I stare at Pinterest for hours a day and am constantly pinning things however, putting those pins to use is something I have yet to do. 
One day I will.
When I own a house.
Or get married.
Or have an endless amount of free time and gift cards to Michael's. 

So you see my problem, what would I link up? 
Then I time I saw, I pinned and I failed.
I figured that must kind of count? 
They never said you had to succeed at said pin.

It started last Christmas when my mom asked me to make a dessert. 
I instantly remembered these adorable cookies I saw on Pinterest:

Seemed pretty easy, right? 
I bought the ingredients, put on some Christmas music and got to work.

Everything was going well until I realized I bought the 'gel' version of the icing tubes. 
"can't make that big of a difference" - I thought

hold up: this post just lost its climax: I guess I was SO embarrassed I deleted the pictures but I can assure you they looked worse than both of these (at least I'm not the only one who failed):



If I ever stumble across those pictures in a trash can somewhere you best believe I will redeem by failed cookies and post them here :)